World Politics Review

Explore specific articles and features first published by WPR which have an SSR aspect to them, and/or were written by ISSAT staff or SSR associates.

World Politics Review was created for foreign policy professionals who have a world of online breaking news at their fingertips, but who need analysis that provides context for the key trends and events in international affairs. Published entirely online, WPR's original analysis is written by a network of leading analysts, journalists and scholars. 

All articles are republished with the kind permission of WPR. A link at the bottom of each article goes through to the remainder of the full article, which you can access unpaid only via the links provided here. 

ISSAT Community of Practice members can subscribe to World Politics Review at half-price for the first year by entering the code ISSAT in the box marked "Coupon or referral code" on the WPR signup page.